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Costa Rica: The Place to Go for Dental Tourism

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When people think of Costa Rica, they usually think of beaches, lush tropical forests, and other images of leisure and relaxation— and they’re not wrong.  However, Costa Rica is also one of the most popular places to go for dental procedures abroad. It boasts high-quality dental procedures at 30 to 70 percent of the cost in the United States.

Why is Costa Rica so popular for dental?

Central America has been a go-to locale for dental tourism for decades, thanks to the wide selection of procedures offered at low costs. These procedures are often performed by dentists and oral surgeons educated in the United States and other English-speaking Western countries. In particular, clinics such as the Meza Clinic, which is American-accredited and headed by a UCLA-educated dentist, is famous for providing low-cost care without compromising quality.

Surgeons are licensed under the Costa Rican Dental Surgeons Association, and can be verified by phone number or by looking up names at their website (in Spanish). One patient reported to the New York Times savings of over $6,000, inclusive of travel expenses, for a combination of dental implants and crowns.

What are some things you should look out for?

However, dental surgery can have complications such as swelling or improper bite adjustment, and require follow-up a few days after the procedure. Dentists recommend that ample time is allotted for recovery. It’s important that patients research what their Costa Rican provider is licensed to perform, as well as their track record of successful procedures performed to date.

Having your stateside doctor communicate with your Costa Rican provider may also be a good idea. It’s best to provide your Costa Rican provider with all possible medical information, history, X-rays and more. These will assist in determining which procedures are necessary.

Interested in booking a procedure?

For less intense procedures, a medical trip may also be a fun way to make recovery from dental work less about sitting on the couch and more about exploring the natural beauty of a foreign country, or, at the very least, relaxing on a beach!

Interested in experiencing Costa Rican dentistry for yourself? Contact the fantastic Meza Clinic or New Smile Dental Group for a free consult today!


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