Founder’s Blog: The State of Healthcare in 2017

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Even beyond last year’s presidential election, the state of US healthcare has been a hot button issue.

Access to quality, affordable care for all has always been on the minds of many Americans. Even after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), millions of Americans remain uninsured, with expensive and necessary medical procedures out of reach. Although the ACA has nearly halved the number of uninsured Americans, providing them with basic coverage for preventative services, rising premiums for the middle class and the continuing lack of affordable care have still left many Americans falling through the cracks.

What’s more, we’re living in a time of high uncertainty around healthcare.

President-elect Trump is threatening to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aside from a few key provisions such as extending health insurance coverage for young adults on their parents’ insurance policies until 26) and replace it with “Health Savings Accounts,” (which already exist and are essentially tax-advantaged savings accounts specifically for healthcare expenses). Ostensibly, tax breaks would help fund these HSAs, but nobody can be sure what lies ahead for US healthcare regulation.

Long before the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, I’ve helped patients looking to cut through the expenses and red tape associated with US healthcare. By curating a list of the best Western-trained, English-speaking doctors in Latin America, I’ve helped hundreds of patients over the years access affordable and high-quality surgical procedures. Although medical tourism has been given a bad rap, I can honestly say that with MedRepublic’s background and expertise, traveling abroad for healthcare needs is worth the time and the (lower!) cost.

Medical tourism is a solution that I’ve seen work, again and again.

I’ve even helped my own father go abroad for care in Mexico, where he received a cutting-edge (and at the time, non-FDA approved) treatment for prostate cancer, sending his cancer into remission and preserving his independence and quality of life. For many Americans suffering from health concerns and/or priced out of “elective” but necessary care such as dental and orthopedic surgery, MedRepublic (formerly known as MedToGo) has been a guiding light for patients looking to begin their medical travel journey.

For others, MedRepublic has been a key source in gaining self-esteem and confidence with elective cosmetic plastic and dental surgery. And still yet for others, Canadians waiting on years-long waiting lists for orthopedic surgeries that drastically improve quality of life have managed to get the surgeries they need in high-quality, English-speaking care settings. MedRepublic’s curated list of physicians are men and women I would trust my own family with. I am confident that you will find that you can trust your health needs to them as well.

As our government squabbles over how to regulate healthcare stateside, we’re here to help radically transform healthcare globally.

Providing much-needed transparent pricing, hands-on concierge services, and, most important of all, high quality, North American- and European-trained, and reputable doctors, MedRepublic aims to help patients transcend borders, bureaucracy, and the political atmosphere here at home through providing access top-notch, inexpensive medical care.

Health beyond borders is our goal at MedRepublic. I know that medical tourism can help bridge the gap in our healthcare systems here in North America. Take a trip and see for yourself— we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Founder & CEO of MedRepublic – My mission is to connect under-served patients with phenomenal international doctors at fair and transparent prices.