Squats or Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Let’s face it, our society has a fixation with butts. We idolize stars like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez for their oh-so-perfect and round behinds, hoping that we can recreate their look for ourselves. But how far are you willing to go to achieve your dream butt? Is plastic surgery, such as a Brazilian butt lift, the only option? Or will hundreds of squats a day help?

Let’s compare what exercise and surgery can offer you in your mission to get the booty of your dreams.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Unlike implants, the Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat tissue to enhance the shape and volume of your butt. During a Brazilian butt lift, fat is taken from your hips or thighs and transferred back into your butt.

How effective are squats?

Squats do a great job of strengthening, toning, building and lifting the thigh and butt region. Adding squats to your workout routine will give you a defined and shaped butt. The biggest difference will be a lift in the lower part of the butt right above the thigh.

However, the overall look will be different from the results you would get from surgery. There are three important differences:

  • For one thing, women don’t have the type of hormone production that can increase muscle size, so volume increase will be limited.
  • Genetics also plays a role. Some people may see significant results from squats, but others won’t see much improvement.
  • Because surgeons take fat from other body areas and re-inject the fat into the butt, Brazilian butt lifts provide a rounder, curvier appearance. This size and shape usually cannot be achieved through exercise.

So, which route is best for you?

Adding squats to your exercise routine will give you results. Your butt will be toned, strong, and attractive. If you desire a rounder, curvier butt, which squats cannot provide, then surgery may be your best option. Ideally, you will start with adjusting your workout routine first, and use a Brazilian butt lift to enhance the results you get from exercise.

Squats, however, may not be for everyone, particularly those who have chronic knee, hip or back pain. On the other hand, patients who are petite and do not have an adequate amount of fat to harvest may not be good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift.

If you are interested in toning, strengthening, and sculpting your butt, your best bet is to consult with a physical trainer to create a personalized workout routine that will produce results. In any case, regular exercise will improve your overall health in addition to enhancing your appearance. If you desire a rounder, curvier behind, remember that squats can also improve the results of your surgery. Consult with a plastic surgeon about your options, and determine what route makes the most sense for you at this time. As always, our world-class surgeons are always willing to help if you are interested in pursuing a surgical option. Check out options for a Brazilian butt lift today.

Christie is a UChicago grad currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her free time, she enjoys tap dancing, learning to windsurf, and trying new foods.